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Fortune Cookie
Sweet Cookie, Vanilla, Elegant

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To answer your first question...YES, a real paper fortune comes with every bag! But, don't let the excitement stop there. With a smooth & creamy body right from the start, this flavored coffee will taste as if you've actually dipped a fortune cookie right into it. While subtle hints of vanilla fill the air, an elegant aftertaste of warm cocoa almond coats your tongue. Making you feel lucky to have experienced the first fortune cookie flavored coffee on the market!

Coffee Bean Product Description

flavor Flavor Notes: Sweet Cookie, Vanilla, Elegant

  • 100% naturally flavored coffee
  • Specialty grade
  • Arabica whole beans
  • Freshly roasted to order
  • Size: 12oz. bag

Specialty Grade: When you hear coffee being referred to as “specialty” it means that it is the prime pick of the entire world coffee stock! Specialty grade coffee refers to the whole process, from farmer to cup, using single origin coffee.

As stated by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), coffee which scores 80 points or above, on a 100-point scale, is graded "specialty."

Our coffee beans almost always (and we'll tell you when they are not) score 85pts plus. Ranking within the top 5-7% of all coffee found around the world.

* 12oz. of whole bean coffee yields approximately 20 (8oz.) cups of coffee. Varies on how strong you like your coffee.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Fun yet elegant

Really enjoyed this coffee! Loved the flavors and the fortune I got inside my bag! lol

So goood

Best coffee I’ve had in a while! I like the paper fortune that came with it.

Taste Amazing!

Taste like a real fortune cookie. Love how it comes with a real paper fortune. Nice attention to details!

Great Flavor!

Taste like a fortune cookie in a cup. I even got a paper fortune with the coffee. Nice touch.

Unexpected fortune!

Have to admit that the first time, I hate it, the taste was not good BUT this time around, IT IS GLORIOUS!! It is what I expected to be. It is a soft taste, but has enough punch to taste the fortune.