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As Of Latte is based out of sunny, Southern California and brewed from the minds of twin brothers, Edwin and Joel Wiesner. Originally starting out as a web and graphic design studio (during late 2016), Edwin and Joel decided to add a small online shop, to help promote their web business. After receiving such exciting feedback to their simple online shop, they decided to shift gears; halting their web and graphic design services to advance As Of Latte into the full online shopping experience it is today.


Building and coding their site, all on their own, their strong entrepreneurial spirit and love for coffee, has led them to create the first clothing brand to exhibit the coffee culture lifestyle. Through original and personally designed graphics via t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and mugs - combined with a little pop culture, to help express and excite their audience, As Of Latte truly is “The Brand For Coffee Lovers”. What's a coffee inspired apparel brand, without actual coffee beans, you might ask? Recently (Sept. 8th 2017), their highly anticipated release of whole bean or ground coffee arrived with a bang! Starting off with five unique coffee flavors sold in single 16 oz. bags, a five flavor (2 oz.) sampler pack, and even a monthly subscription service for those extreme coffee addicts. And when they say “unique coffee flavors” they mean it! With medium roasts such as Maple Bacon, Whiskey No. 7, and Pumpkin Spice Waffle, it’s a tasteful experience your taste buds will surely thank you for.

The Future

With plans to progress their brand further with freshly roasted fashion-forward apparel to specially themed and limited coffee releases, As Of Latte plans to shake up the industry one cup of coffee at a time.


Joel Wiesner



Edwin Wiesner (right)


Favorite coffee drink: Flat White

Joel Wiesner (left)


Favorite coffee drink: Spanish Latte

That's it! As Of Latte is entirely ran by these twin brothers.



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"Coffee Break With Dani" - Feature


Press Release

COFFEE BEANS RELEASED (September 8th 2017)

As Of Latte sold coffee related apparel for quite a few months, before their debut release of actual coffee beans. Septemper 8th, 2017, marked a big mile stone for their brand. Debuting 5 unique flavors of coffee, available in 16oz bags, along with 2oz sampler packs. Available in whole or ground beans.


(September 29th 2017 - International Coffee Day)

As Of Latte debuts their first of many limited and themed coffee releases! These themed releases play off pop culture to provide, original artwork on coffee bag lables and well as continued unique flavors throughout.


  • "Upside Down Blend" - Dark Chocolate, Caramel Brownie. - LINK

  • Fun Fact: The same day As Of Latte launched this themed coffee, it went viral on an Imgur post. Being seen by over 60,000 people!

    Can You Guess The Inspiration For This Strangely Delicious Coffee?


    Allow us to introduce ourselves. We're...

    The Brand For Coffee Lovers

    Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about our company!