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  • Organic

  • 100% Natural Flavors

  • Simple Ingredients

  • Gluten Free

  • Non-GMO

You matter

and so does your coffee

When you make your cup of Joe, each morning, does it taste like a quality cup of coffee delivered straight from Heaven? Are you one to add syrups, sugars, whipped cream and other artificial ingredients - just to make it tolerable? You matter and so does your coffee. Enjoy the little things again, with a coffee that goes beyond bold, rich, and dark - but emanates fresh, clean, and entertaining. Take back the reins of your morning - one cup at a time.

Always Specialty Grade

because you deserve the best

When you hear coffee being referred to as “specialty” it means that it is the prime pick of the entire worlds’ coffee stock. Coffee described as such goes through a rigorous classification process, meeting strict standards before it earns the label: “specialty grade”.

As stated by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), coffee which scores 80 points or above, on a 100-point scale, is graded "specialty." Our coffee beans almost always (and we'll tell you when they are not) score 85pts plus. Ranking our coffees quality within the top 5-7% of all coffee found around the world.

Single Origin & Blends

find your flavor profile

As grapes are to wine - so beans are to coffee. “Single Origin” refers to the specific geographical location of where coffee is grown. Each specific origin provides a unique natural flavor profile for your beans.

For example, coffee that is grown and harvested specifically in Colombia has cupping notes (a natural flavor profile) of dried orange, berry, chocolate. Whereas coffee from Tanzania can be described naturally as; pear, floral, jasmine, strawberry. This is all due to the differences in climate, soil, altitude, and other natural/harvesting factors.

"Blends" are coffees where beans are mixed from several different origins. For example; Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia - combined into one blend. By carefully crafting a combination of beans, from various origins, our blends’ beans complement each other's natural flavor profile and enhance the best qualities of each origin - bringing you a new and unique natural flavor profile.

100% Naturally Flavored

say goodbye to artificial ingredients

We use only 100% natural flavors when it comes to our coffee beans. The term “natural flavors” simply means the essential oil derived from a spice, fruit, vegetable, edible yeast, herb, bark, bud, root, leaf or similar plant material - whose significant function in food is strictly flavoring.

We subtly enhance each bag of freshly roasted coffee with 2-3% added natural flavoring. This keeps the original coffee taste dominant, yet allowing you taste buds to experience new flavors with every sip!

Keepin’ it Fresh


All of our coffee is roasted fresh per order. The shelf life of our coffee is 6-9 months in an unopened bag or 3-6 months once the bag has been opened - stored in a cool/dry location. Coffee orders ship the same day as roasting or the following business day. This means that an order placed at noon on Sunday, will be roasted on Monday morning and shipped on Monday or Tuesday - fresher than a bag, sitting on a shelf at the store!

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