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Hey Coffee Lovers!

Ambassador Program

At As Of Latte, coffee is life! Literally - We'd like to say that we drink more coffee than the average human. Coffee addiction much? Our focus is to bring the coffee culture to life through originally designed apparel & accessory products, such as; shirts, sweatshirts, hats, mugs, and more! Not only do we represent the coffee lifestyle but we also aim to shake up the coffee industry with delicious, freshly roasted coffee, with unique yet tasteful flavors...Maple bacon coffee, anyone?

Are you that one friend who always receives coffee-related gifts or hangs out at your local coffee shop all day, getting work done? Perhaps, you're a barista who can pour a mean latte? We want to hear from you! We’re considering all coffee lovers who not only indulge in a daily cup of Joe, but believe in our brand as much as we do! Help us shake up the coffee industry one cup at a time!

We want this relationship to be as exclusive as possible, so we are not looking for influencers who work with a lot of other brands. We'd like to build a passionate community of coffee lovers. Show us you’re a cool, like-minded individual. Someone with a voice who isn’t afraid to get out there. Let us know people who are invested in you, and we would love to give you a shot.

Ambassadorship Commitment:

    • Ambassadors must have a continuous and consistent growth of followers and post regularly on their accounts. We're looking for engaged accounts that can benefit both parties.
    • Ambassadors must be a good representation of AOL and uphold our mission statement at all times.
    • Ambassadors will create and share AOL related content for their social channels on a regular basis. There will be no strict posting requirements, as we don't wish to micromanage your content creation. Instead, we want you to create authentic content that people will vibe with at whatever cadence works for you and your social channels.
    • When asked, ambassadors must share special announcements and product releases on their social media platforms.
    • Ambassadors MUST have a public profile and recognize AOL as a sponsor on social media, specifically Instagram bio.
    • AOL must be your exclusive clothing sponsorship/ambassadorship.
    • You will get out of the Ambassadorship what you put in-- if you have new ideas for projects (online or offline) and take the initiative to put together a proposal, we will do our best to support you in whatever way possible.

Ambassadorship Benefits:

    • Ambassadors will receive seasonal AOL apparel, accessories and coffee periodically with new product releases. Receiving new products at a minimum of once a month.
    • Ambassadors will receive a personalized discount code to receive 20% OFF our entire shop, whenever they'd like.
    • Opportunities to contribute to our social content (social channel takeovers, blog contributions, etc.)
    • Free admission to AOL hosted events. 
    • All of your AOL posted content will be re-shared across all of our social media platforms, promoting your accounts as well.
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