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Upside Down Blend - Dark Roast

Upside Down Blend - Dark Roast

Regular price $18.99

medium Roast Roast:  Dark

flavor Flavor Notes: Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Brownie

origin Description:

Things just got a little stranger, here at the As Of Latte headquarters. Inspired by one of our favorite shows, (can you guess which one?), this dark roast enhances a rich dark chocolate taste, sweet caramel overtones and a subtle chocolate brownie finish. Our small batch, limited release, is a smooth blend of Brazilian, Colombian, Guatemalan and Ugandan beans - that might just turn your world upside down!

This limited release is only sold in 16oz bags.

* 1-lb (or 16oz) of coffee yields approximately 40 (8oz.) cups of coffee. Varies on how strong you like your coffee.

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