Maple Bacon - Medium Roast (16oz)

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medium Roast Roast: Medium

flavor Flavor Notes: Brown Sugar, Smokey, Bacon 

origin Description:

Maple? Bacon? Does it get any better? This flavored coffee practically drips with deliciousness. With an instant mapley aroma filling the air, to a smokey transition of subtle brown sugar bacon and caramel syrup upon your tongue, you can't help but let your mouth water. A strong coffee boldness to back up the flavor impact and you're set for a day outdoors.

Freshly roasted, per order, and made from 100% quality arabica beans - from the Brazilian, Colombian, Guatemalan and Ugandan high mountain regions.

* 1-lb of coffee yields approximately 40 (8oz.) cups of coffee. Varies on how strong you like your coffee.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great Coffee.

This coffee taste great. Has a strong start and smooth maple overtones. I would recommend this coffee to all my buddies. Thanks.

Who Would Have Thought?

Actually taste really good! I was hesitant because it sounds like a weird combination. Can definitely taste the maple and bacon kicks in afterwards. Great job guys!