Why, Hello There!


Hello coffee addicts! Welcome to the freshly roasted As Of Latte blog!

There's a lot of coffee happenings we hear and read about, here at As Of Latte. Sometimes, some pretty exciting stuff we wish we could share with all of you! That's when we thought to ourselves... "There has to be an easier way we can do this, without using Instagram, Facebook or Twitter". Thus, our blog page was born!

*Applause and cheers amongst the crowd inserted here*

As our brand grows, we continue to tackle and provide the best customer experience we can for each coffee drinker.  Marching to our own beat, we began with a versatile line of fashionable products. With cold brews (because it's hot in California) by our sides, we now deliver this informative outlet, boasting the coffee culture and lifestyle. Refill your mugs and enjoy the ride!

Want to get to know us a little more? Check out our about page here.


Comment below who you think who is who!

Is Joel on the left and Edwin on the right... or is Edwin on the left and Joel on the right?

 Sip on! 


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