New Products In November (Week 2)


Reminder: Every Tuesday, throughout the month of November, we will be releasing a brand new product(s). Leading up to a grand finally release, the last week of November.

Well, coffee lovers...week one AND week two of new product launches in November, are out of the way! What did we release, this week, and what's coming next week?

Quick recap; during week one of new products in November, we launched our toasty "Spiced Hazelnut Joy" coffee. A cinnamon hazelnut flavored coffee blend!

Cinnamon Hazelnut Coffee

This week, we're excited to announce...brand new coffee mugs! Although, we've made some pretty fun mugs in the past, these mugs are special to us. They are our first release of hand screen printed designs on custom colors, shapes and sizes. From a wide 14 oz. ceramic coffee mug to a vintage styled diner mug, we couldn't be more happy!

Fun ceramic coffee mugs

Grab a new mug for your coffee bar, by clicking HERE!

Fun ceramic coffee mugs

If you've reached this part of our blog, let us just say, do we have a surprise for you. Take a sneak peek, below, at next week's new product(s) launch...geared just for coffee lovers. And might we add, back by popular demand. *wink*

Sneak Peek

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