The Coffee Is Coming...


It's coffee is on the way! You all have been asking and have waited so patiently. We can't thank you enough for your continued support during these unchartered times of 2020!

What To Expect:

• New coffee bags are currently being reprinted. Expect an updated design look to our bags as well as an improved "quad seal" side gusseted bag construction.

• Our "Sip Life" motto (on the back of our bags) has been rewritten. Sharing the same Christian, faith-based, core values that we stand for - personally and as a company.

As Of Latte side gusset coffee bags

• You may or may not know this, but we sell the top 5-7% of beans from around the world. Currently, specialty grade coffee is on an extreme rise in popularity.  According to the specific origin of the beans, many coffee's have an amazing and unique natural flavor profile - all on their own. Be prepared for some delicious single-origins and meticulously crafted blends that will blow the lid off your coffee pot.

• We're aiming to release our new coffee (and a handful of mugs) during this month of July!

Quick COVID-19 Update:

As you may know, our coffee is roasted fresh to order, here in California. With a recent COVID-19 spike, here in the Golden State, below are a few of our precautions & changes made to ensure your coffee is in no way harmed & quality is maintained.

• We have modified the roasting & fulfillment processes to protect our coffee roasters. Staff & equipment has been shifted allowing more space and regularly scheduled cleaning procedures.

• Our roasters are carefully working with our farmers to help them stay safe and try to continue to produce coffee. In many locations, coffee farmers are unable to leave their farms. Unfortunately, this may result in some regional shortages of coffee...We are doing our best to stay ahead of the curve - especially during the upcoming Holiday Season.  

• With our new fulfillment process in place and an increase in the cost of coffee beans, some of our popular 100% naturally flavored coffees (such as our "Upside Down Blend") will be on hold. We're working to bring back your favorites, plus more unique flavors, as we adjust to the "new normal". 

As Of Latte - Coffee roasting

Be on the lookout for our new coffees, arriving this month! In the meantime, get your caffeine fix with our two, currently available, coffee's below;

Around the World - 6 Bean Blend
Kettle Corn - 100% Naturally flavored

If you're really looking to jive up your day, freshen up on our coffee roasting schedule here.

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