Lattes & Espresso.


Notice anything familiar about our "Little Miss Latte" and "Mr. Espresso" designs?

Little Miss Latte & Mr. Espresso

From children’s books to animated television series, we feel we all have a piece of Charles Roger Hargreaves (creator of the “Little Miss” and “Mr. Men” classic cartoons) inside of us. And you’ve guessed it, our “Little Miss Latte” and “Mr. Espresso” tees, sweatshirts and mugs, pull a great deal of inspiration from these nostalgic childhood characters.

Lattes & Espresso Sweatshirt

Putting our spin on pop culture, we couldn’t resist redesigning a more caffeinated, relevant adult version, for us coffee lovers! We all know someone who leaves lipstick on their mugs (*ahem* Little Miss Latte) or perhaps someone who drinks one too many espressos in the morning (*wink wink* Mr. Espresso). 

Little Miss Latte & Mr. Espresso Mugs

Fun Fact: The first character created by Charles, Mr. Tickle, was inspired by Charle's son Adam...who asked him what a tickle looked like. This same thought carried into our design process. Keeping in mind "what might a latte or espresso drinker look/act like"...?

Either way, these little ones make the perfect pair and can perhaps bring us back to that special moment, as a kid, when we didn't need coffee to function on the daily!


Comment below and let us know which character you are most like! Lots-of-latte lovin' "Little Miss Latte"...or eight cups of espresso "Mr. Espresso"?


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