• COVID-19 (Update)

    COVID-19 (Update)

    COVID-19 (Update 3/23/20)As many of you may have heard, last Thursday, California's governor announced a “shelter-in-place” statewide lockdown...Asking people to stay home unless absolutely necessary. Well, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing!BUT, we are very proud to mention the licensing status' of our roasting & shipping facility. As a licensed food manufacturer, they're able to keep the coffee coming! Follow a strict process (GMP)...
  • 9 Reasons To Drink Coffee

    9 Reasons To Drink Coffee

    💪 1. Increases Physical Performance When caffeine enters your bloodstream, it behaves like a fuel. An easy way to improve physical performance is to drink a cup of coffee roughly an hour before a physically demanding exercise. 🍃 2. Coffee Is A Source Of Antioxidants Coffee show more antioxidants than green tea and cocoa, two antioxidants superstars. Numerous studies have cited coffee as a...
  • The History of Coffee in the United States

    The History of Coffee in the United States

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    So, we got a little curious the other day and thought to ourselves, "what is the history of coffee? When was it discovered? Did people always love coffee this much?" Well, apparently coffee dates back quite a while and no one really knows when coffee was originally discovered. Though, there are many legends about its origin and being discovered in Ethiopia. Coffee cultivation and...
  • What Makes a Quality Cup?

    What Makes a Quality Cup?

    Well, coffee lovers...We know you've all been patiently waiting for our new flavored coffee to arrive. If this is news to you, then...surprise! We've busily taste-tested many different bean origins, carefully chosen fun all-natural flavoring, revamped packaging design and now it's safe to say, we're looking at an official, all new flavored coffee launch, coming early June 2019!To hold over those caffeine vibes just a...
  • 11 Best Coffee Memes

    11 Best Coffee Memes

    1) Grumpy coffee pup.2) Daily coffee consumption.3) Dark coffee.4) You don't need her.5) Words of wisdom.6) Decaf.7) Thanks coffee!8) We should have coffee.9) Addicted.10) Classic Dave.11) Morning coffee.Happy sipping, coffee lovers!
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