Sip Life : On His Mind


Sip Life : On His Mind

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."
Jeremiah 1:5

Before you were created in your mother's womb, the Lord knew you. Before you were placed here on earth you were perfected in the mind & thoughts of your heavenly Father. Meditate on the profoundness of the verse above. The concept of your life began, before you were ever conceived. Your first instance, spark of life, started with a thought. And that very thought came from within the mind of your Father in heaven - in the holiness of His throne room, in the pureness of His love.

You have always been on His mind, from the beginning of time.
You were first known by the Creator of the universe, in His heavenly realm! Cleary, He did not choose you in advance to be part of fallen world or a corrupt nation. He chose you in advance to be set apart for His eternal Kingdom, His divine work, and His holy nation. This world will try to blind you of your worth, your purpose, your identity, and your convictions. Remove the blinds by reminding yourself of where you originated; in His thoughts, in His throne room, in His hands, in His love.

You were no more created for this fallen world than a bird was created for the ocean. You were not meant to sink, you were meant to soar. Your identity is not in false convictions it is in Christ. You are made in His image & He has set you apart. He has sent you downward to complete His work and when it is finished, you will return upward to your heavenly home - with your Father, where you began & where you've always belonged.

Sip life, coffee lovers!

- Edwin

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