New Products All November! (Sneak Peek)


Alright, coffee lovers...Do you want the good news or great news, first?

Every Tuesday, 
throughout the month of November, we will be releasing a brand new product(s). Yep, that's four new and exciting product launches, in one month! All leading up to a grand finally release, the last week of November...*mind blown*

Kicking off the first week of November, we've released a brand new flavored coffee blend! Introducing our "Spiced Hazelnut Joy" - with warm tones of toasty hazelnut & chocolate fudge, balanced with a cool crisp cinnamon spice aftertaste. We're dubbing it perfect for Holiday cheer or sipping on in any season.

Spiced Hazelnut Flavored Coffee by As Of Latte

Grab your bag HERE!

But, what about next week? Can't wait that long? Well, coffee lovers, we're giving you an exclusive sneak peek of next week's new product launch. And let's just say, you can't drink all this delicious coffee without something awesome to put it in. *wink*

As Of Latte Product Preview

Stay tuned, coffee lovers, and be sure to check back every Tuesday, this month! Also, follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter for faster updates.

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