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What has As Of Latte been up to, you may ask yourself? Besides drinking a colossal amount of coffee... we've been preparing NEW products for the Fall season, that's what! This season is a big one for us, as we always try to push ourselves and our brand forward. You may want to put your mug down for this one because we've got some big news for you!

We've been selling coffee related apparel and accessories for quite some time now. Many of you have asked and most have wondered, "uh...where's the coffee?". 

Well, today we're pleased to announce, beginning in very early September, we will be selling our very own line of COFFEE!!

*Now you can pick that mug of yours back up*

This is a very exciting time for us, with the Fall season just around the corner. As our brand continues to grow, we feel this timing couldn't be more perfect. Thank you everyone for all your continued support!

Our first line up will consist of 5 original flavors. Including, a sneak peek below, of our delicious "Blueberry Muffin". (This stuff seriously makes your kitchen smell amazing!)

blueberry muffin coffee


as of latte coffee


Comment below what you think our first 5 flavors will be!

Sip on coffee lovers!


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