10 Random Facts About Us & As Of Latte


Time to get up close & personal with all of our coffee lovers! If you’ve ever wanted to know more about us and our company, then read ahead!

Fact #1 - If you do not know us personally, we’re Edwin & Joel. The only two faces behind As Of Latte and we’re twin brothers. Oh yeah, and we were born in 1988…you do the math. 😉

As Of Latte

Fact #2 - As Of Latte isn’t our first company. We’ve actually owned 3 previous companies before As Of Latte. Each one somehow involving the fashion/design industry. From silkscreen printing to graphic design, wholesale to events, web development to iOS apps…excelling in coffee, is our newest venture. 

Fact #3 - We grew up & have lived in Southern California our entire lives. However, thanks to a previous company we owned, we were fortunate enough to travel the U.S. (by 15 seater van) visiting more than 25 states!

15 seater van

Fact #4 - We are entirely self-taught & do everything on our own, when it comes to anything involving our business. Hence, why we each drink 3-4 cups of coffee every day to stay motivated & continue learning. 

Fact #5 - Joel plays the drums and Edwin plays the guitar. We no longer practice as much as we used to, but we still jam from time to time and even had a band back in high school!

Fact #6 - All of our mugs found in our online shop are hand-printed 100% by us. In early 2018, we invested in a small mug-press/sublimation printer and have been turning out mugs ever since.

As Of Latte - Ceramic coffee mugs

Fact #7 - We were both avid Disneyland goers. We owned Disney annual passes from 2006 to 2016, and we were going to Disneyland at least once a week, if not more. Edwin even has a small Disney pin collection.

Fact #8 - We are mirror twins! Joel is left-handed and Edwin is right-handed. We usually also like the opposite, in anything, from each other.

Fact #9 - As Of Latte is a little over 2 years old. We officially started our company in late December of 2016, with 3 products. In February of 2017, we made our first online sale.

Fact #10 - Edwin’s go to coffee order is a flat white and Joel’s is a nitro cold brew.

Until next time, coffee lovers...keep on supping!


  • Posted on by Georgia

    So nice to meet you both! I take it that Edwin is on the left in the photo?
    Sounds like you are enjoying life. Keep up the fun emails & great designs!

  • Posted on by Mariola

    Great to see the faces behind the greatness. Keep the good work and thank you for bringing us joy in every cup!

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